Everyone wants a snow day.

Today was a bit of an interesting curveball. After the cool, grey, snowless Chicago, and the sunny warm San Francisco, it only makes good logical sense that Tokyo’s weather would be equally screwy. It snowed in spades. Where was this snow when I was sitting around in Chicago a couple weeks ago? Ah well, you take what you get, and here in Tokyo, no one is ready to take this kind of winter wonderland. People were out with metal dirt shovels, brooms, squeegies, and plastic tubs trying to clear the sidewalks in front of their businesses.

To no one’s surprise, the trains are all off schedule, so be careful getting home today. Also, there are big chunks of ice and snow blowing off the skyscrapers and plummeting onto people’s heads, so be careful if you’re out in it.  A lot of the nicer cameras are weatherproofed a fair bit, but make sure you dry out your gear when you get home. My camera is currently curled up with one of those big desiccant packages.

This is a shopkeeper knocking the snow off his awning along the back of Omoedeyokocho. He seemed to be enjoying himself, and the once-in-a-decade snowstorm. I hope that you all are tucked in safe and warm, and that those of you stupid enough to go out and shoot got some great pictures.

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