Don’t be Afraid to Experiment with Chemicals.

haightClearly, when hanging around the most famous hippie haven in the world, San Francisco’s Haight St, a mandolin-packing, belly-dancer-toting swing band is the logical thing to encounter when following your hosts into their local.

So, of course, I took pictures. I was packing some Delta 3200 and shot it at 3200, and then developed it at 1:9 dilution DD-X developer. Why 1:9? Because that was the end of the bottle, and I didn’t have enough to mix up the standard 1:4. The internets whispered to me that 1:9 was a good mix if you added 70% to the published developing times, and the internets seem to have been true to their word.

One thing that I’ve found about developing film is that everyone has their own trick, and in the modern era, they’re all published in weird corners of the web. So reach out and try some other people’s tricks. This one goes down as a success in my book.

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