takoyakiramuneLiving in Japan offers some particularly unique experiences, and one of them is particularly unique soft drinks. Like this takoyaki-flavored ramune.

I decided to kill three birds with one stone, and test how my new lights worked for product photography, and shoot both the camera gear I needed shots of for upcoming Tips and Tricks posts, as well as my growing collection of strange beverages. I gotta admit, Paul C. Buff knows his stuff.

This setup is ridiculously straightforward. The bottle is on a white sheet of shiny plastic from the DIY shop, which is on my table. I’ve got a white backdrop hanging about a meter away from the table, with the white plastic hanging just slightly over the edge of the table. I’ve got one Einstein in a big-honking octobox right over the bottle. It was probably overkill. A much smaller softbox or octobox would have done the trick, but big light is beautiful, and I made my purchasing choice for people, not for ramune. There’s a second Einstein with a high-output reflector pointed at the backdrop, and placed behind the bottle of ramune, to minimize that light’s effect on the bottle. If I had more space, I would have put the table farther from the backdrop, but I have a tiny studio. If you were looking to recreate this with the smaller hot-shoe strobes, I’d recommend two on the background, just to make sure it is evenly lit.

So, if anyone’s up for a unique experience, I’ve got takoyaki and kimchi ramune. It’s all yours if you let me take pictures of you drinking it. The Salty Watermelon Pepsi is all mine, though. That stuff’s good.

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