Your princess is in another castle!

toadI happened across a Zeiss 50mm f /1.4 Planar T for a good price a while back, and I bought it with an eye to selling my Nikkor 50mm f/1.2. The gap between 1.2 and 1.4 really isn’t all that much, especially when you take into the consideration how soft the Nikkor is at f/1.2. But the Zeiss is a bit warm – not really a drawback, especially with everything I’m doing going through a raw file at some point, and still, at f/2, nothing beats that Nikkor… it’s just that the Zeiss mops the floor with it everywhere else on the aperture range. But I was rethinking it, and Alfie Goodrich told me never to sell the f/1.2.

The problem with having extra lenses is that you have to use them. If you let them sit in the dark, you might end up with some seriously interesting mold patterns. Fun to look at, but not the best thing in the world for photography. So you gotta take all your tools out for walks. I was taking the Nikkor out for a walk the other night, and I bumped into a neighbor out for their evening stroll. Well.. not so much bumped, as nearly stepped on and killed.

You’d think, after saving toad-bro’s life, he’d be a little bit more of a gracious model, but no. I probably looked really ridiculous, laying on the pavement, only to get up and lay down again on the other side every time he decided to turn tail on me. But as the BHI crew knows, I’m totally ok with looking ridiculous if it gets me the shot.


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